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Do you recall thinking, "Oh wow, this has to be one of the best tasting cups of coffee I've ever had!" on the morning of your last tropical vacation??


Part of the reason for that was maybe because you were on the beach, taking in the tropical sun but the main reason is because of the type of machine they used to dispense that beverage.  The barista at that resort used an espresso machine which is known to extract more caffeine out of a coffee bean, compared to the regular pour over coffee pot method.


Espresso coffee is not only a stronger coffee but also has a long lasting taste and aroma when used to make a beverage.


"FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen" is a local coffee service and is the extension of the Specialty Cafes at these 5 Star Resorts. We strive to give you the experience of enjoying that specialty coffee which you indulged in at your vacation, even if it's just for a few minutes at the start of your day or when you need time to reflect and could use it most.

"FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen" is proud to present our line of loyal baristas, "THE COFFEE BEAN CANTEEN".  We import these Italian designed, fully automatic, gourmet espresso dispensing systems and market them to the hospitality industry, recreational centres, diners, and offices for the use of companies just to name a few places in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC, Canada. But how we differ from the many services and coffee machines which you see in the workplace, is that we do not charge an initial start-up cost or a monthly rental fee.  The consumption of your favorite espresso-based beverages are the only costs. These premium, espresso dispensing systems are manufactured out of Italy by The Bianchi Vending Group, one of the bigger if not the biggest European name in the vending solution industry.


  Now let's ask, " What makes an amazing espresso?" Well, what's stated by the Italian Espresso Institute is that the perfect single serving of espresso is made out of 7 grams of freshly roasted coffee. The perfect temperature of the water is percolated through the grinds for the exact time of 25 seconds. And now, the perfect espresso can be served to the consumer in a cup at the perfect temperature of 67'C. The reason these statistics are important is that this is how our premium dispensing systems are calibrated to serve each and every cup, with just a push of a button.

Enjoy your coffee on the beach, each and every morning with FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen.


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