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FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen is proud to announce that we have extended our services to the everyday hard-working citizens of the Lower Mainland of the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, Canada.  We love being involved and supporting our local community. It would be our honor to be a part of your day as your personal Baristas providing specialty coffee dispensed from one of our Fully Automatic Espresso Dispensing Systems for you and your wonderful guests.  Let us help you make your event an occasion to be talked about for the rest of your days. We understand how unique and how important your special day is for you, your beloved family, and your most cherished friends. The memories of your special day will last a lifetime and it’s understandable that you want everything to be picture perfect.  Let us help you make this happen with a magical coffee experience!  

FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen is a mobile coffee service that uses stand up espresso dispensing systems from Italy to make all of your favorite espresso-based beverages.  Our specialty coffees are always made with a single-origin coffee, which we get help choosing with the expertise of our local coffee importer, Mountain Coffee LTD. of Delta, B.C.  Our specialty coffee beans are roasted by Spent Grounds Coffee Roasters (which is also a café) of Langley, B.C. on a weekly basis to ensure that every batch of coffee we serve is at peak freshness when we dispense your favorite espresso-based beverages.  Whether you are real estate agent holding an open house, a corporate event, a craft fair, or spring, fall, winter market, a summer festival, a bridal shower, a 50th Anniversary or a 75th Birthday party, just to name a few special occasions, you can always depend on FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen to bring the WOW factor to any celebration!  You have every right to mingle and enjoy the day so let us take care of providing your guest with a beverage list that you can be proud of.

As a specialty coffee provider, FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen brings everything you need to offer amazing specialty coffee and service to your guests. Our fully stocked dispensing systems ensures that all the espresso-based beverages use fresh, top-quality products.  Our machines are manufactured by Bianchi Vending Group of Italy and are calibrated to dispense each and every espresso to the standards of the Italian Espresso Institute.  These top of the line espresso machines dispense a list of beverages which include a perfectly pulled shot of Espresso, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochaccinos, Café Americanos, and also a Bolder Black Coffee. We have also imported granulated Cocoa from Switzerland to provide a creamy cup of Swiss Hot Chocolate for the chocolate connoisseur of everyone’s family. We also have an assortment of seasonal beverages that you can choose from, and a wide selection of premium organic teas to enjoy.

FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen understands how important it is to create a positive impression and is dedicated to making your next event something unique and memorable by bringing perfectly roasted specialty coffee of incomparable quality to appreciate and indulge.  We promise to enhance your event by providing customer service that you can be proud of and the perfect high-quality espresso coffee made just for you and your guests. Please do keep in mind, our event calendar does fill up quickly, so be sure to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  

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We look forward to hearing about your big day and can't wait to help make it happen!!!!