The Office 

In today’s society, it is the norm to try to get energized by walking up to the office coffee pot over and over again and wonder if you have built a tolerance to

caffeine. Unfortunately, the everyday 9 to fiver is cursed with a mediocre to almost poor coffee option at the office.  And if you have a full-time job, the office

is where you would spend 5 days out of the week.  It is quite common for employees to bring their own coffee to work, either they have a full days ration that they would drink cold throughout the workday or they would have to leave and do a coffee run.  So the coffee “break” actually becomes a stressful race back to the office because of a time restraint or to try to be courteous and have the coffee be decently warm for your co-workers.

But this is where “FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen” comes in.  Now imagine this, even before you have settled in at your desk in the morning you have already enjoyed a freshly ground Americano with an extra shot of Espresso.  And then comes lunch, you decide either between a Latte or a Mochaccino, that’s a Fresh Hot Chocolate with a shot of Espresso and milk froth on top.  You notice that it’s been such a productive day and that you’re feeling like you are on cloud 9 and it feels too early to go home.  So to end your day off with a treat, you get yourself a French Vanilla Cappuccino. This is how coffee should be enjoyed in the workplace, so what are you waiting for?!?!  The latter of these 2 coffee options is only a phone call away!!



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