Our all-inclusive service includes the delivery, set-up, and up-keep of our top of the line, bean to cup espresso machines. There are no purchase or rental fees for our espresso dispensing units and the maintenance and the re-stocking of freshly roasted coffee beans and other premium products are also included! The key to any businesses' profitability is the productivity of its employees. It isn't a secret that the ever so loyal 9 to fiver wants Gourmet quality coffee, which gives them that boost of mental alertness to get them through their day. "FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen" can bring you the experience of enjoying that specialty coffee from your favorite café and bring it right to the office. Employees will go the lengths and distance to enjoy the privilege of indulging in gourmet coffee and they don't mind having to leave their place of business to get it. But that comes at a price of losing productivity and could very well affect your company's bottom line. Our dispensing systems can provide your staff with those gourmet beverages that they have been longing for, right to your workplace, saving your company from lost effort and hindered productivity.

What sets "FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen" apart from other Office Coffee Service?

Operational Benefits:

  • No cost for our top of the line, fully automatic, premium espresso machine (Over $7,000 Value)

  • No cost for weekly re-stocking of Specialty Coffee Beans and other premium products

  • No cost for weekly maintenance and cleaning service

  • No hidden costs or fees (you only pay for what you consume)

  • No contracts to sign or cancellation fees

Staff Benefits:

  • No more need for the staff making coffee throughout the day

  • No more need for the staff wasting time cleaning the office coffee option

  • No more need for the dreaded coffee run, which cuts back on lost time improving productivity and


Equipment Replacement Contingency Plan:

A contingency plan is a course of action that an organization would execute if an unexpected situation or event occurs.  FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen has thoughtfully created a proactive strategy,  or contingency plan so that in case the potential threat that a machine may momentarily stop functioning,  the scenario is well-researched and the appropriate actions are fully practiced before the mishap occurs. We offer a year-round emergency service and would typically be on site within a few hours after a phone call is made to us.  We are locally operated and practice the customer service that your company can be proud to talk about. In case an emergency service situation may occur, it would be at no cost to our clients if a new machine needs to be replaced in the position of the prior one.  But until then, Don't Forget to Enjoy Life One Sip At a Time!

We take pride in providing Gourmet Specialty Coffee to the workspace at half the price to 75% less than what is being served in the leading coffee retailers or even your local cafe.

Your Mornings Should Start with Gourmet Coffee Aroma,

Let Our Machines Put You in Specialty Coffee Coma.

You Have Nothing To Lose,

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